December 5th, 2013



On January 21st, I started the path down a road many travel, but not nearly as many make it to the end.

On November 29th, I officially penned the final word of my novel.

Throughout the course of the eleven months (mostly as a result of procrastination), I had been constantly revising the manuscript, improving on continuity errors, character development, and the overall flow of the story. I feel that I have gotten it to the point of submission and, after having written up the synopsis (which ended up being a little easier than I thought), I decided to submit it to the publisher I've had my eye on.

And I did. Today. 123,000 (or more specifically, 10,000 of that number) words, submitted to the publisher, and now I get to nervously await their response. Don't know what will become of it, but I am looking forward to it.

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