Currently sitting on a 50 page 12000 word MS. 78000 words to go roughly. Write a book they said. It will be fun they said.

Well they were right. It is a lot of fun, laying the foundation of a world and letting your mind explore it as you put together a story filled with different characters with very different personalities.

And then I have another MS going which isn't as fun yet. Only 2 pages and 654 words so far. But that's probably because of all the time I've been putting into the other MS. Not to mention that the style that I'm writing this one in is drastically different from the style of the first one. Also a different genre altogether.

Post #1 - Beginning

This is my first time using LJ, so I'm not sure how I should start this, but here goes nothing.

Welcome to my LJ page! There's not much here yet, but in time I hope this grows into an active page once I get some projects going.

Some projects I'm considering:

Books/Short Stories - Most likely the latter, as I am only aspiring to write at this point. (though I have a MS going right now that I'd really like to expand on) The main genre I'm interested in writing about is fantasy, though I'm also considering science fiction.

Music - This is what I'll probably be most active in, ranging from classical to cinematic to whatever else I can conjure up.

Hmm.... that's really all I have to say at this point, but I figured it would probably be good to have more than... 0 entries.